Friday, 9 March 2018

Making Sure Your Package Gets There Intact

Sending something out in the mail often requires a lot of advanced preparation. You need to make sure that your prized cookies get to your father for his birthday on time. You want to be sure an important document arrives at the right destination. From shipping items you've sold online to sending out wedding presents, it's all a matter of trusting the mail service. One way to help the delivery people is to properly prepare your items for the trip.

The Right Boxes
Before you do anything else, you need to find the right sized shipping boxes. Your boxes should be large enough to contain the items you're shipping with a little bit of room to spare. Allow at least an inch on each side. This will help provide a cushion as the box get moved from place to place as is in transit. Make sure the boxes can be closed easily. You don't want to have tie the entire package together with tape.

Filling The Void
Your goal when shipping to create a dense, stable inner core inside the box. Then, you want to surround the box with a layer or layers of materials that keep the core in place as the box is shipped. Fortunately, there are many varied choices when it comes to filling this inner core area. Certain materials can help make sure the items inside the box don't shift.

Your Choices
In general, there are three different types of packing material that most people use to fill in any gaps: bubble roll, peanuts and packing paper. Each form of filler has pluses and minuses. Bubble roll is a good choice for items that may be in transit for a long time. It can be reused and fitted against a package using tape. But if the bubbles get punctured, it may not work. Peanuts are lightweight and make it easy to cushion things. However, they can also very messy when putting items in the box and taking them out. A good alternative for both options is packing paper. Packing paper can be fitted against any item easily. It's also far less messy than peanuts and easier to remove once the package arrives.

Other Options
Certain items will need special care as they are being shipped. If you are shipping delicate items such as crystal or china, for example, put a fragile sticker on the outside of the box and make sure that have enough padding inside it to fully protect it. Careful attention to detail is also important when shipping heavier items such as furniture. You don't want it to shift or the surface may suffer damage. Make sure they are stabilized so they don't move. Many experts recommend using heavy boxes with lots of support on the bottom and lots of packing tape.

Important Documents
If you are shipping a really important document such as passport, it's best to use the right mailer. You don't want it to get damaged in transit. In that case, many experts recommend using a heavy mailer. The mailer has padding that keeps the document flat. It also helps protect it against the weather. Other good mailing options for important documents include a mailing tube or a flat cardboard envelop.

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